Sharada Vikas Trust (R)
“Sharada Vikas Trust(R)”was formed to provide and establish High-end research and educational services in the areas of Medical, Engineering, Biotechnology and Management based institutions across India as well as abroad. The Trust is involved in empowering of Poor, Orphans, Physically handicapped and other Disabled people. Eminent people who are well qualified and have great concern about the well being of the Society run the Trust.

Sharada Vikas Trust (R) (SVT) has been in the field of education for nearly a decade and has built it up with commitment and utmost sincerity with well-qualified personnel and infrastructure. Sharada Vikas Trust (R) is interested to have additional technical program from our university. The programmes are BCA, MCA and Integrated MCA. We feel these courses can be of great help to needy students.

Student Admission Information
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